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What is the Vasaloppet Sweden?

Vasaloppet is the world’s biggest cross-country ski race. It has a rich history and tradition; hundreds of thousands of skiers have tackled the 90 km stretch from Sälen to Mora since the start in 1922. Rigorous training and careful preparation is needed to complete this 90 km challenge.

How long does it take to do the Vasaloppet?

The record winning time is 3:28:18 (2:19 per kilometer), set by Tord Asle Gjerdalen of Norway in 2021. Only 11 winners have finished in less than four hours. Konrad Hallenbarter from Switzerland, is the first to win a Vasaloppet under four hours,3:58:08, in 1983.

What is the longest cross-country ski race?

The Nordenskiöld Race

The world’s longest cross-country ski race, 220 km, take place in Jokkmokk and has a history that traces back as far back as 1884.

How hard is Vasaloppet?

Vasaloppet is famous for its first steep big uphill. You will likely get stuck there as people slowly make their way up. Be patient, smile and you will eventually make it. The last part of the course is relatively easy – relatively as you already have 60km in the legs!

How long is the birkie race?

The undulating Birkie trail traverses 32 miles of some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain of any trail system in the world.

How do I prepare for Vasaloppet?

During the weeks
  1. Do two distance training sessions for about 1.5 hours in your Vasaloppet race pace. If you don’t have access to snow, conduct the sessions in a double poling machine. …
  2. Run a double poling interval session of about 5 * 3 minutes where you train on double poling attack movement.

How long has cross country skiing been in the Olympics?

Cross-country skiing was featured at the first Winter Games in 1924 and is one of six sports that have been a part of every Winter Olympics since. A women’s event wasn’t added to the Olympic program until the 1952 Oslo Games and freestyle races were introduced in the 1988 Calgary Olympics.

What is the longest cross-country ski race in the Olympics?

The mass start is equivalent to the marathon in the Summer Olympics, with all athletes starting the extremely demanding race together. It is the longest cross-country skiing event – 50km for men and 30km for women.

How long is a cross-country ski marathon?

The men’s individual start course is 15 km long, which usually takes athletes around 38-40 minutes to complete, while the women’s is 10 km and lasts around 28-30 minutes . Mass Start (classical technique) is the longest cross-country skiing event at the Games.

How long is cross-country race skiing?

The standard lengths of international races are 10, 15, 30, and 50 km for men and , and 30 km for women. Many traditional contests are longer—the Vasaloppet in Sweden is 90 km (56 mi). Race organizers may stipulate which of the skiing techniques are permitted in an event.

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