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How do I activate my mobile BankID extended?

This new alternative has two parts. Part 1: Choose which Mobile BankID the user wants to extend. Activate the extension by confirming with Mobile BankID.

Part 2:
  1. Delay for 5 hours.
  2. Finish the activation with a security token.
  3. Done! Gets a confirmation that the Mobile BankID is extended and what you can do when it’s extended.

How can I create mobile banking ID?

Sign in with mobile number, birth date and self-chosen PIN. To get BankID on mobile log in to your web bank with regular BankID with code snippet or app. Enable BankID on mobile. Check your mobile operators’ websites for updated rates for using BankID on mobile.

Can I use BankID outside Sweden?

Mobile BankID and BankID if you live abroad

If you live abroad but have a Swedish personal identity number and an account in a Swedish bank, you can at many banks log in to your internet bank and order or download an e-ID. Contact the e-ID issuer directly to find out exactly what rules apply.

Which Swedish banks still let foreign citizens apply for a BankID?

Which Swedish banks still let foreign citizens apply for a BankID…
  • Handelsbanken. …
  • ICA-banken. …
  • Nordea. …
  • Länsförsäkringar. …
  • SEB. …
  • Skandia. …
  • Sparbanken Syd. …
  • Swedbank.

What is mobile BankID?

BankID on mobile is a service for secure digital identification and signing using the mobile phone. You do not need a bank code chip, but only a mobile phone and a custom PIN. BankID on mobile stores the BankID secrets in the SIM card.

How do I login to my BankID?

How to log in with BankID on mobile
  1. Select BankID in ID-porten.
  2. Enter your personal number. …
  3. Choose BankID on mobile.
  4. Enter your mobile number (8 digits). …
  5. A reference word will appear on the screen.
  6. Make sure the reference word on your phone is the same as the reference word on the screen, click “ACCEPT” on your phone.

Can I have BankID on two phones?

You can have Mobile BankID on multiple devices. It can be convenient to have an extra one if you get rid of a device and need to block a BankID.

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